Strategy and Planning

Do  more  than  just  lift  and  shift  to  an  IaaS  platform. 

Develop  a  strategy  to  use  PaaS,  integrate  SaaS,  and  deploy  your  own  microservices. 

Properly select and negotiate services from service providers.


Where should  you  use  containers  or  serverless  technologies? 

How  should  you  best  develop  microservices?  

How  will  you  manage  and  securer  your  cloud  infrastructure?

Operating and Optmizing

Beyond  reserved  vs  spot  instances,  understand  the  different  levels  of  PaaS  and  SaaS  offerings.  

Develop monitoring, reporting, and cost optimization programs.

Program and Project Management

Sometimes you just need a top notch program or project manager to get things on track or keep things moving.